Military Vehicles

Halftrack on the Broadway

A wide variety of pre-1950 military vehicles are expected in 2017. Keep any eye on this page for the latest bookings...

M16 Halftrack
M3A1 Halftrack
Chevy Truck1946
Dennis Coventry Climax Fire EngineUTP 781
Fordson Truck1946
Bedford Radio Truck1942
Bedford Radio Truck1942
Bren Gun Carrier Mk21943
Diamond T Cargo and Radio Set up1942
Bofors 40mm gun
Chevrolet C8A Ambulance
Jeeps - numerous
Dodge Weapons Carrier1942 VSL 424
Dodge Weapons Carrier1944CJO 909R
Willys JeepOAS 414
Willys Jeep1950VFF 590
Willys MB1943GNG 238
Willys Jeep1943JAS 932
Ford GPM Jeep1944994 XUM
Willys MB1942603 XUV
Willys Jeep 1943FSJ 262
Willys Jeep1944WXG 376
Willys MB Jeep1944YXG 191
Willys Jeep HR1943548 YUY
Hillman Minx 10bph (RAF Staff Car)1937DAS 642
Bedford MWD1944
Willys Jeep1943883 5NX
Austin KP - RAF Lorry1949272 XUT
Willys Overland MB Jeep1945181 YUM
Willys MB Jeep1943114 YUM
Ford Jeep1942791 EKL
Bedford MWD & 10CWT Trailer1943TEP 843
Ford Jeep or GMC 3531943/1942WSU255/NSK376

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