Best Dress Prize Presentations

One of the very best things about our Festival is how many people make a huge effort to get involved. With so many people dressing up in their forties finest, and all the shops decorating their windows with a WWII theme you could easily feel like you are in 1946. We want to reward that effort, so take a look at how you could take home a prize. Good luck!

Best Dressed

* Best Dressed Man

* Best Dressed Woman

* Best Dressed Boy

* Best Dressed Girl

The Golf Hotel


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The Golf Hotel is one of our two leading allies for 2017; not only hosting many of the events but also making a substantial financial contribution to the running of the event.

Woodhall Spa to Arnhem Exhibition

Exhibition about the role Woodhall Spa played in the battle for Arnhem. An action in WW2 immortalised in the film ‘A Bridge Too Far’. Based here, in Woodhall, was the Airlanding Brigade which fought at Arnhem. This Brigade went into battle using gliders landing close to the Dutch town. The Brigade was based in hutted camps just to the east of Woodhall with the headquarters of the units that comprised the force utilising hotels and large houses within Woodhall itself. The exhibition tells the story of the units and men of this Brigade and their time here in Woodhall.