F.I.R.E 1944

Fire 1944
Living History Group
F.I.R.E. 1944 was originally founded in 2010 as a loose association of friends who all shared a passion for history, chiefly the Second World War and the often unsung part played in it by the British 'Tommy' that, in the end, helped the Allies achieve final victory. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and work environments, many having turned their passion into academic qualifications along the way. For the past 5 years you will have seen F.I.R.E 1944 display at events up and down the country and even across the water. In 2012 F.I.R.E. 1944 was requested to display by the Mayor of the French town of Epron and in 2014 we were requested to be part of the celebrations for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. In 2015 we decided to form Tommy Atkins Limited t/a F.I.R.E. 1944 to improve our ability to pass our passion on to those with an interest to learn more about the period we cover.    
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