The Notts & Derby (1939-45)

Notts & Derby's
Living History Group

Many of the members of the group have been interested in World War 2 and its history for many years. Individuals would attend various types of shows over the years that had military themes or displays. Through mutual friends we gradually started to attend organised 1940's events and got to know each other by attending these events. It was decided that we could pool all our various knowledge, expertise and experiences to form our own group. In 2009 this is what happened. From small beginnings we now have a modest nucleus of 10 members.

Why Notts and Derby?

That's easy. We felt that as most of our members come from the counties of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, which had some very famous County Regiments ,then these Regiments MUST be represented. So the name of the group was born.

The Regiments that are represented by the group are:-

1. The Sherwood Foresters Regiment

2. The South Notts Hussars Yeomanry

3. The Nottinghamshire Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry

So you will see we represent the infantry, the gunners and the armour. All very famous and noble Regiments.

We also remember the efforts of the Home Front in the counties with displays to remember the hard work of the Women's Land Army, the Home

Guard  and other civilian workers.

Our members are also interested in and attend RAF events.

The majority of our uniforms, equipment and vehicles are original or excellent quality reproductions.

 Our aim is to show our appreciation and utmost respect to all of our veterans.
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