Road to Mandalay

The Road to Mandalay LHG
Living History Group
We are a group of UK based living history re-enactors, who portray various elements of the British & Commonwealth 14th Army forces, which made the decisive push for the recapture of Burma during World War 2. Why did we decide to portray the Burma Theatre of operations? The founding members of the group all have direct family ties through their grandfathers who served with elements of the British Army during the Burma campaign of World War 2. Commonly referred to as the “Forgotten Army”, our purpose as a group, is to educate the public, through visual portrayals of life during the Burma campaign of World War 2. We are determined to play our part in remembering not only our grandfathers and family relations, but all who served shoulder to shoulder in the 14th Army, so that their sacrifices and hardships will not be forgotten by future generations. Website: