Summer of 44

Summer of 44
Living History Group

Summer of 44 Living History Group was formed in 1992 by nine friends. Although relatively small at first the group soon gained a good reputation, displaying at such events as Stoneleigh, Duxford, and Bletchley Park.

Known for their portrayals of 1st Airborne Division, Summer of 44 own the only three 75mm Pack Howitzers displaying in the UK and are a regular feature at the War & Peace Show in Kent every summer. Other portrayals include REME, RASC, RAMC, and XXI Independent Parachute Company. Recently the group have diversified into RAF displays, concentrating on the role played by both the Ground and Air Crews of Bomber Command at the height of the Air War over Europe.

Over the last 20+ years ‘Summer of 44’ have become well known throughout the Living History community. And whilst some of it’s original members have moved onto other things the group continues ‘doing it right’ and regularly contribute to both media and television productions.

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