Military Vehicles

Halftrack on the Broadway

A wide variety of pre-1950 military vehicles are expected in 2018. Keep any eye on this page for the latest bookings...

2018 bookings 

Stuart M5A1 tank
T34 tank
Diamond T Prime Mover
GMC Truck
GMC Truck
Bren Gun Carrier
Willys Jeep1945WXG 381
Willys MB Jeep1943883 5NX
Willys MB Jeep1944FSJ 262
WACO Glider
Gaz AA Jeep
Willys MB Jeep1943548 YUY
Willys MB1942603 XWV
Ford GPW Jeep1944994 XWM
Hotchkiss JeepOAS 414
Willys CJ2A Jeep1948WFO 526
Daimler Dingo1943JSV 330
Ford Jeep1944954 XUM
Ford Jeep1944DUT 584
Ford Jeep1942791 ELK
Willys Jeep1945Q61 GDB
Sherman Tank

 Vintage vehicle entry form


Stuart m5A1 tank