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Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve had a go here at answering your frequently asked questions. As and when new issues are raised we’ll update this page.

It is forecast to be hot this weekend so do please consider this if you are planning on bringing your dog. Apologies for having to say this because we know you are all responsible caring adults but the powers that be are insistent that we remind you.
PS – There is no requirement for dog to wear a 40s outfits.

Q. Is it OK to come dressed in an Axis uniform?

A. This is a Home Front event so no please do not come in any sort of Axis uniform.

Q. Is there an entrance fee?

A. No, but there is a fee for the park and ride, which, for safety and traffic management reasons, we need you to use.

Q. Is this an event suitable for the whole family?

A. Yes, very much so.

Q. Do I have to dress up?

A. No, but as the Festival encompasses the whole of the village centre you are ‘IN’ the event and will enjoy it far more if you are a participant rather than just a spectator

Q. How is the Festival funded?

A. Through sponsorship, donations, grants, ‘On the Ration’ 200 Club, Park & Ride and the sale of the Festival newspaper.

Q. Who organises the Festival?

A. A group of enthusiastic Woodhall Spa volunteers.

Q. If I represent a re-enactor group, 40’s display or trade who do I talk to about participation?

A. Take a look at the Festival Contacts page.

Q. If I’m a singer and would like to participate who do talk to?

A. Take a look at the Festival Contacts page.

Q. I’d like to lend a hand and help the organising team who run the Festival – who do I contact to offer my help?

A. Take a look at the Festival Volunteers page.

Q. Are the disabled catered for?

A. Yes, we have a car park reserved for blue badge holders. See Park & Ride page.

Q. Are there local camping and caravan sites?

A. Yes, but those close to the village will be fully booked by now. Please see the Woodhall Spa Community Website:

Q. Where can I catch a bus to Lincoln/Boston?

A. Bus stops are located on Tattershall Road, between Victoria Avenue and Cromwell Avenue. View schedule and map on the ‘Find Us‘ page

Q. Where are the toilets located?

A. On Spa Road and in Jubilee Park adjacent to the swimming pool; additional portaloos (including disabled) are located at several sites including the car parks.

Q. Can I bring a dog?

A. Yes; the vast majority of daytime events are outdoors, but suggest you avoid the battle re-enactments. Dogs are NOT permitted on ‘Park and Ride’ buses.
There is no requirement for your dog to dress up in a 40s outfit.

Q. What happens if I need medical attention during the Festival?

A. The Festival provides dedicated medical cover which is located adjacent to the Police Station on the Broadway and in Jubilee Park; alternatively contact any of the event staff who should all have contact numbers for the medical team; or phone 999 if it is an emergency.

Q. Where is the Festival HQ/Control located?

A. The Festival Control HQ is co-located with Woodhall Spa Police Station on the Broadway in the centre of the village. All incidents are to be reported to this HQ as soon as possible.