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145 thoughts on “Got A Question?”

  1. We enjoyed a wonderful day on Saturday , but I have a major complaint, disabled parking was full but booked a disabled van and car into the spitfire car park, we had no problem getting onto the bus to go to the Main Street but coming back was a different matter,
    We came across a very rude and arrogant man who turned out to be a driver waiting for his bus, we were made to get off one as he said it was dangerous ok understand that, he went on to say we would be ok on the next which happened to be his, we were told to wait where we were which we did only to find the bus passed us and went to the other end of the queue, we had a wheelchair and a pushchair and was first in our queue,
    We went passed all the others to board only to be told to wait our turn , excuse me we were where you told us to wait, not interested, only one wheelchair is allowed so no pushchairs, my grandsons wheelchair is a push chair type due to age and severity of disability,
    We did a count and there was 5 other wheelchairs plus numerous pushchairs which meant a wait of above a hour in the pouring rain, when we eventually got back to the carpark we asked his name he refused he went on to be verbally abusive then we were told not to come back next year as we are not welcome,
    What sort of people are abusive and rude not only to me and my family which included young children but to the other people who basically stuck up for us as they were in the queue behind us, it is totally unacceptable and left a bad taste on what was a great day otherwise,
    We shall seriously have a rethink about next year and we will be sending our complaints further awaiting a reply

  2. We arrived today at Woodhall Spa to look around the stalls at Jubilee Park. There were three of us, we all have difficulty in walking and have a blue badge.
    Normally we park on the road at the front of Jubilee Park.
    However today, there is no parking allowed on the road ( fair enough, I can understand that ) however there are no alternative parking facilities. We asked a marshall / volunteer where we can park with a disabled badge.
    Parking was back in the town center he said, we explained that we couldn’t walk that far, but he wasn’t interested and just shrugged his shoulders.
    So we had to turn around and go home.
    How very disappointing that this is the new way forward, so we’ll never be able to visit again.
    I feel for those people in the same situation as ourselves.
    It’s very discriminating to anyone disabled or elderly people who are unable to walk any distances.

  3. Hi, Can you tell me if there are dedicated areas to chain up cycles? Don’t really want to be hauling the bike around the crowds. Either in Woodhall or at the Park and Rides so can get the bus in.

  4. Do you know of any coaches leaving from Suffolk/Norfolk making it’s way to the Festival? As we seem to be a blind spot for transport to your event, whereas the Midlands and North are seemingly rife with private coach companies offering day trips.

    Thank you.

  5. Can you please say where the footpath is from Spitfire car park and back. Last year my wife had difficulty boarding the bus as the driver had not put the ramp down (we didn’t know about the ramp at the time or would have asked). We tried to walk back from the event but despite asking around no one knew where the path was, we didn’t see a sign and the map wasn’t clear to us.
    We would like to come again but would walk in. many thanks in advance.

  6. Hello,
    I can see that motorbike parking when pre booked is £5, how much is motorbike parking if you pay on the day rather than pre booking please?
    Thank you

  7. Is it far to walk using the Halifax car park and what time is it open from and till.please, as have disabled persons coming and a mobility scooter user.

    Are the disabled bays wide enough to allow for car door to be open fully else passenger won’t get out of the vehicle. As have to be able to swing the door fully open.

    Also have to have no body parking directly at the back as boot has to be open fully and is very long to get a mobiliry scooter out. As if all crammed in then won’t be suitable to use.

    What is on at the cinema too.


  8. Deborah Sylvia Gaiger

    My friend has Multiple Sclerosis and has a wheelchair adapted car – unfortunately this means it is over 2m high. Where will she be able to park – her hand will wear out too quickly operating her electric wheelchair the distance from the other disabled car park. Can you provide something for this size of car somewhere that is not a huge ‘drive’ in from the car park?

    1. Evening
      The height limit at Halifax Blue Badge car park is 2.13m (7ft). And there are still spaces for Sunday. There are spaces at Spitfire, no height restriction, but there is then a walk into the village.

  9. Could u please tell me how frequent are the park and ride buses as we have dogs and can only be away for a couple of hours or so.

    Kevin Bull.

  10. I bought tickets for the afternoon tea dances & the major swing evening dance. Money went out of my account on 23rd march, but no confirmation or tickets received.

  11. Hi, I have booked parking for 2 cars on the 9th of July Hurricane car park, I have made payment, and the payment has been taken out of my bank account, but haven’t received a email. Can you please advise thank you

  12. Hi I noticed that the disabled parking has height restriction my van is a VW LONG WHEEL BASED TRANSPORTER which is adapted with high roof. Where can I park that is near to the centre.

  13. I have paid for 2 dance tickets for the 8th July with Major Swing. To which I paid £20 via MasterCard on the 8th Jan 23.
    I haven’t received a notification of this transaction from you.
    Do hope you can give me a reply ASAP please.

    Glesney Gillies

  14. Hi. My car park pass has still not been received. You have replied (03.05.2023) that it has been resent but still nothing in my inbox.

    Best regards

  15. Hi there,
    We placed an order for car parking but haven’t had an email come through to confirm, I can have an order number what I wrote down when the order was placed though. Will this order number be enough to enter the car parks on the day?
    Thanks in advance

  16. Hello, I have paid for a car parking permit in the Spitfire Car park on Sunday 9th July but have not received a confirmation e-mail. I have checked spam and junk folders but there is nothing there. Best regards

  17. We are staying in a hotel in Boston the weekend of the 40s weekend, what is the best way to get to woodhall spa without driving?

  18. Will there still be spaces in the car parks where prebooking has sold out even if we come later in the day? Also can we walk back from Lancaster car park?

    1. Where can I purchase park and ride tickets? Are the car parks fairly close as I’m coming with my autistic children. Might be coming with my disabled mum and she has a blue badge is there is any space there too

  19. Pre booking for Spitfire car park is sold out. Is it worth us booking another car park or will there be enough spaces on the day, even for those arriving after lunchtime? Thanks 🙂

  20. Whee is the best place for us to be dropped off ? We don’t drive and husband doesn’t want to attend , just drop us off .

  21. I can find no details on the website with regard what time the festival starts and what time the car parks open and close? Also your contact page has only emails for Press/Media, Classic vehicles, Re-enactment, Trade, On the Ration, Residents Parking, Car Parking and Coach Parking. Who do the rest of us contact for general queries even though bizarrely you do mention that you may not reply to emails!

  22. Previously there has been the most wonderful children’s traditional tea party and dress up competition in the Coronation Hall. I am hoping this is on again, could you please let me know if it is or not?

    If so, could you tell me the times and day please?

    Many thanks.

  23. I will be travelling with two disabled travellers with wheelchairs. We do not have a blue badge. Is there anywhere I can drop them off/ collect them along with a non-disabled passenger?

  24. If we use Park and Ride, can we use the buses to return to our car during the day and then go back to the event again, or is it only a two-way ticket?

      1. If you intend to park at Spitfire car park but walk to and from the town is the charge still same as park and ride ie £15/20.

    1. We are within walking distance of one of the park and rides, so would not be parking a car. Would we still have to pay to use the shuttle buses?

  25. I run a local bouncy castle business, and have to drop of a castle in woodhall on the 9th can you please tell me what roads are closed and what times please

  26. Is there going to be a vintage bus travelling through Tattershall Thorpe to Woodhall as there has been in previous years?. If so where can I book tickets.
    Many thanks

  27. I notice on the Park and Ride booking site payment page there is a space for a discount “coupon”.
    We are going to be there on both days. Is there a discount for this, please?

  28. Can i get my small mobility scooter on the park and ride bus please it fits in the boot of the car so not very big

  29. Please can you confirm where the park and ride car parks are please – we are trying to work out how easy it will be to get from Tattersall lakes on both days

  30. I have heard you are planning to cancel this event. Why would you do this? This event is about remembering the sacrifices made by the brave servicemen and civilians who fought for our country during WW2. This includes thousands of people in Bomber command all over Lincolnshire.

  31. I don’t understand why you are considering cancelling this event. I read on social media that one of the reasons is due to this being a town event. Don’t you realise that there is a significant number of town/village events going ahead this year. This includes Melton Mowbray, Ironbridge, Haworth, Ingleton, Lytham, Sleaford, Alford and many others. The events going on May will collecting monies on half of Ukraine. This is what Woodhall Spa should do.

    1. I totally agree. I live in Woodhall Spa and I am so tired of grown adults driving around in army uniforms …. I persoanlly feel it is disrespectful to those who actually took part in the two world wars … and the soldiers who are fighting today. And especially this year, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, with so many innocent children and adults dying ……. it would be in such ‘bad taste’ to go ahead.

      I am not sure how many people who attend the 1940’s weekend actually give the number of people who fought in the war a second thought. They are just there to enjoy themselves ….. which people should do – but I think a change of theme would be a really great idea.

      1. Woodhall Spa 40’s weekend in no way diminishes the war in Ukraine. It is a window into what life was like at the time in the village. It is a wonderful weekend and as residents we love it. There are minor inconveniences but these are far outweighed by the benefits. Reading more into the event is just pure nonsensical wokery.

        1. Hi Christine
          I have just read your comments about Woodhall Spa cancelling, and totally agree with you. We normally attend Pickering every year but it has been cancelled for the last couple of years. This year they are citing the war in Ukraine as their reason. We are going to Woodhall Spa today for the weekend hoping to find an alternative to Pickering “wokers”. I suspect Pickering will go the way of our local event “War & Peace Show” which is again cancelled this year. This time it is supposedly for “logistical reasons”, but really its because of the greed of the organizers, asking stupid money for entry, camping and stall holders.

  32. I have heard the event has been cancelled. Is this true? I am amazed as this event beings joy to thousands of people not including bringing in a significant amount of money to the town.

  33. I have heard that this event has been cancelled. Is this true? I was looking forward to visiting this event in July and i has booked accommodation in Tattershall for the event.

  34. I have heard a rumour that this event is going to be cancelled as this will upset the Eastern Europeans based in Lincolnshire. Where does this comes from. I am friends with number of people from Ukraine and Poland. They found the suggestion rather funny that an event would be cancelled based on events that happened 80 years ago.

  35. Could I please ask a question why this event is even being considered for cancellation. This is a great 1940s weekend which brings joy to thousands of people.

  36. Only around 12 weeks to the event. Can someone tell me when the information for the public car parking, where it will be, cost etc will be put on your web site.
    I have my camping organised, so now I would like to get my parking sorted.
    Hopefully you will be able to sort my problem for me.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  37. I have been trying to get in touch with someone about booking in as living history for a couple of weeks now. My second email was acknowledged and I was expecting a call yesterday to discuss but heard nothing.

  38. A number of Steam Railway 1940s events are being cancelled due to the conflict in Ukraine. Is Woodhall Spa planning to do the same or is the event still going ahead?

      1. On the 15th March you stated that you had no plans to cancel the 1940s weekend but now you are now seriously considering this. What has changed as the Ukrainian war had already started. This event is about the sacrifices the brave people of Raf Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire and the uk made to give us the freedom we have today. This is a Homefront event and should not be cancelled. There a large number of town/village weekends happening in 2022 so please do not use the town excuse. This event should be used to support donations of the brave Ukrainian people

          1. You haven’t answered the question. Could you tell me what has changed since you confirmed to me on the 15th March that there was no plans to cancel the event. My family has paid for accommodation and we will lose this money.

      2. I heard you are asking people if you should go ahead with this years 40s celebrations. I think you should. There are wars of some kind going on all over the world, you cannot put everyone’s life on hold because of them. Perhaps you should use this years celebrations as a fund raiser for the conflict in Ukraine.

    1. Ref this event. Please can you help with any information on the dance venues, times and also do we require tickets before the the dance evenings? We are travelling up on the Thur 7 Jul with our Caravan + two other couples.

      Thank you

    2. Can you tell me how soon I need to book my caravan for the 1940’s weekend, in 2023? Also who would I need to speak/e-mail to?

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