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  1. We have a 1937 Austin Big Seven that we would like to display, at your 40’s festival. But we can not download your application form. Can you pleased advise.

  2. Hi we havent completed a form for attending with a 1944 Jeep,my husband has suffered a heart attack, so we have been very uncertain about attending the event, but things are looking good and we would love to attend in our Jeep reg 110 UYG . MR &MRS Birch.

  3. Hello. I am from the local branch of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and the group are in discussion with our head office about the possibility of opening the Woodhall Spa Airfield to visitors over the 40s weekend. We could probably only offer disabled parking at the site and therefore wondered if the Bus travelling from Woodhall to Thorpe Camp could drop off and pick up passengers at the airfield en route. If this is feasible we could plan to open and man the site to fit in with the bus timetables. I know that we may have left it too late for this year but would appreciate your thoughts.

  4. We are not trade stalls but would like to have 3 stalls together. We sell memorabilia, 40’s style and original clothes, Handmade bespoke hats, aprons scarves etc

  5. Good evening can you tell me what the parking situation will be for dog owners as I cannot obviously leave my dog in the car and cannot use the park and ride!!! I did raise this point last year!!!

  6. Hi, unfortunately we were unable to attend last October’s meeting (we had been to the previous one) so instead I messaged the committee asking if you would raise the issue of allowing motorhomes to park overnight in your park and ride car parks – for a fee of course. It is allowed at other 40s events we go to. I sent a follow up question a couple of months later asking if the topic had been raised, but I have had no response to either message. The first one was marked as read, the second one doesn’t appear to have been seen. We are relatively local, so would come to the site with enough water etc to see us through the weekend until we got home.

    As you are well aware all the campsites within walking distance get booked up early. We are hoping to go to two of the dances in the evenings (Boston Jive’s Fri and Sat night dances), so being able to stay overnight would help enormously.

    Many thanks

    1. Hello Carol
      Apologies for not replying to your emails – but nothing has come to me. Anyway, I’ll ask about overnight stay at the next meeting and post the info here. I suspect it will be a “no” because our car parks are on private farm land. Expect a response in approx 2 weeks.

      1. Hello Carol
        Your request has been discussed at the Committee meeting and the decision is that car parks will shut at 7pm each evening, so there will be no parking overnight permitted. Sorry we can’t accommodate your request.

  7. My 94 year old mother in law wants to come to the festival. She is registered disable and wants to use her mobility scooter. We will be coming from Wigan and will have to use a trailer for the scooter. Is there somewhere close to the town where I can park the car and trailer for the day? If so do I need to book a parking place?

    Thanking you in advance.



    1. Hello
      Yes there is disabled car park which is close to the centre of the village. And yes you will need to book a car park space. The on line booking system will be open mid next month (Feb).
      We look forward to seeing you at the Festival.

  8. Dear Chaps,
    I noticed that a number of non-1940s vehicles were on display last year.

    Will you be ensuring that only period vehicles, and also period music and dance are permitted this year?

    I really appreciate all the hard work that you put into making this event the success that it is, and for some of us it is a pilgrimage/holiday.

    I have stayed in Woodhall Spa for two weeks over the last 1940s weekend events.

    Love the place and the people there. Yours sincerely Ken Spencer

    1. Hello Ken
      Thank you for the complimentary comments.
      We’ll do our best to make sure only 40s and pre-40s vehicles are displayed. As to the music we cannot instruct pubs and hotels to only play 40s music, we have to hope that they realise how blasting out non 40s music detracts from the atmosphere of the Festival. There has been a lot of negative comment about this issue in the 2018 Festival.
      We look forward to seeing you in July.

  9. hi do you have attraction’s at your event?
    We run a Bespoke shooting range that is military themed ( not a fair ground stall) that we attend 1940’s events up and down the uk
    hope you don’t mind me asking

    1. The drop off point is in the centre of Woodhall by the round-a-bout – so in the middle of the Festival. You can then park up in the coach parking area. Details about that will be on the site in the next few weeks. We look forward to seeing you in the Summer.

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