Road Closures and Parking Restrictions 2018

Letter delivered to all Woodhall Spa properties in May/June

Dear Resident

The Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival will return this Summer on the weekend of 7 - 8 July. As a village we have a lot of success to build upon so we aim to make this our best year yet.

Now that our event is one of the most popular and well-attended events of its kind, we expect high numbers of visitors throughout the weekend, and we are mindful of the impact such a vibrant event has on our Village. To mitigate the influx of visitors we are enhancing the traffic management measures to ensure the Village remains safe, clear and accessible.

Our traffic plan means there will be a number of temporary road closures, traffic restrictions and parking bans in place during the daytime of both festival days. These are primarily to deter visitors from parking near your property or causing problems for emergency service vehicles that need to pass through unhindered. However, due to the nature of some of the closures and restrictions, some may affect you so we want to ensure you are aware of the plan in advance. Please take note of the details below:

Key Traffic Changes – Weekend 7-8 July 2018

  • We will divert all non-Festival traffic away from the village throughout the festival by providing ample Park and Ride facilities at several points outside the village.
  • Station Road and part of the Broadway (from the mini-roundabout up to Iddesleigh Road) will be closed between 8am and 6pm on both festival days.
  • The following roads will be formally closed to non-residents between 8am and 6pm on both festival days.
Albany Road Alexandra Road Arnhem Way
Cromwell Avenue King Edward Road St Leonards Avenue
 Tarleton Avenue Turnberry Drive Wentworth Way
 Tor 'O' Moor Road at the junction with Kirkby Lane Stanhope Avenue at the junction of Iddesleigh Road
  • The junctions will be manned at all times by official Stewards supplied by our traffic management company, and access will be strictly limited to holders of Resident’s Permit.
  • If you live on one of the affected roads and require vehicular access during the times the roads will be closed, you will need a Resident’s Pass which we will issue to you. Applications for Residents passes can be made either by e-mail to or via a mail box at the Library on Station Road.  You will need to provide your name, address, vehicle make, model and registration number. A limited number of passes are also available for visitors staying with overnight with residents, but we would ask that you do not try to arrange daily parking for Festival visitors as this will defeat the purpose of the scheme. Passes will be delivered to your address the week before the event.

  • Yellow “No waiting/No Loading/No Parking” cones will demonstrate where any parking is not allowed. Enforcement Officers will patrol to fine and vehicles parked in areas subject to temporary parking bans.

I apologise in advance for any inconvenience the Festival may cause, but I am sure you understand why these measures are necessary. Finally, I hope that you, your family, and your friends are able to join us on 7th and 8th July for what promises to be a fantastic weekend.

Andrew Hunter

Chairman, Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival

Zoom out to see car parks, zoom in to see road closures

Pink shading = No parking;              Blue shading = closed road; 

Static Red Markers = Bus/Coach drop off points 

Resident only access to all roads linked to the 'pink highlighted' no parking roads 

7 & 8 July 2018

Road ClosedFrom - ToHours (Sat & Sun)
Coronation Road Stixwould Road to King George Avenue 0900 – 1800
Stanhope Avenue The Broadway to Victoria Avenue 0900 – 1800
Stanhope Avenue Iddesleigh Road to Tor 'O' Moor Road 0900 – 1800
Station Road Tattershall Road to the Broadway 0900 – 1800
The Broadway Station Road to Iddesleigh Road 0900 – 1800
Arnhem Way Tattershall Road to Stanhope Avenue 0900 – 1800
Cromwell Avenue Tattershall Road to Arnhem Way 0900 – 1800
St Leonards AvenueTattershall Road St Peters Drive 0900 – 1800
Albany Road Tattershall Road to St Peters Drive 0900 – 1800
Sylvan Avenue Iddesleigh Road to Tor 'O' Moor Road 0900 – 1800
Tarleton Avenue Horncastle Road to Tor 'O' Moor Road 0900 – 1800
Tor 'O' Moor Road Kirkby Lane to Stanhope Avenue 0900 – 1800
Turnberry DriveWitham Road to Muirfield Way0900 – 1800
Wentworth Way Witham Road to Turnberry Drive 0900 – 1800
Alexandra Road Witham Road to end of road 0900 – 1800
King Edwards RoadWitham Road to King Edward Avenue 0900 – 1800