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Resident Info 2023



9am – 6pm, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July 2023

Dear Resident,

As we approach this year’s Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival, which will take place on Saturday 8th July and Sunday 9th July, I wanted to let you know in good time about the various traffic management measures we are putting in place over the weekend and how they might affect you.

As in previous years we will be employing a professional traffic management company to manage the traffic arrangements over the weekend.  All our plans have been submitted and approved by East Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire County Council. These temporary restrictions, diversions and alternative parking arrangements are to ensure the safety of residents, visitors and drivers passing through the Village, as well to prevent visitors from parking on your street and causing congestion.

The various restrictions that will apply are listed below[DB1] , over the following pages.  If you live on a road which will be closed to non-residents or is accessible only via a road that is closed then please be aware we will have mailed you two access passes around one month before the event, which will allow you access at all times to your road through the manned road closure points. But please note that these passes will not allow you to park on roads which are subject to no parking restrictions. *

Road Closures – The following roads will be closed to all traffic, but accessible to residents using the passes we have mailed to affected addresses, with the exception of The Broadway and Station Road where there will be no access during the restricted hours.

Please note that access to the Kinema, Teahouse In The Woods, and all residences located on Coronation Road, Manor Road, Spa Road, and King George Avenue will be via the private section of Iddesleigh Road through the double set of white gates near The Cottage Museum, where our Marshalls will escort vehicles through.

  • Coronation Road – Stixwould Road to King George Avenue
  • Stanhope Avenue – The Broadway to Victoria Avenue
  • Stanhope Avenue – Iddesleigh Road to Tor O Moor Road
  • Station Road – Tattershall Road to the Broadway (no vehicular access to residents during restricted hours)
  • The Broadway – Station Road to Iddesleigh Road (no vehicular access to residents during restricted hours)
  • Arnhem Way – Tattershall Road to Stanhope Avenue
  • Cromwell Avenue – Tattershall Road to Arnhem Way
  • St Leonard’s Avenue – Tattershall Road St Peters Drive
  • Albany Road – Tattershall Road to St Peters Drive
  • Sylvan Avenue – Iddesleigh Road to Tor O Moor Road
  • Tarleton Avenue – Horncastle Road to Tor O Moor Road
  • Tor O Moor Road – Kirkby Lane to Stanhope Avenue
  • Turnberry Drive – Witham Road to Muirfield Way
  • Wentworth Way – Witham Road to Turnberry Drive
  • Alexandra Road – Witham Road to end of Road
  • King Edwards Road – Witham Road to King Edward Avenue
  • Woodland Drive – Kirkby Lane to Kirkby Lane

The following roads are accessible only via the road closures listed on page 1. This means residents of the following roads will also require the official passes to gain access:

Alverston Avenue.
Aldeburgh Close.
Bennetts Mill Close.
Bennetts Mill Court.
Birkdale Close.
Canterbury Close.
Carnoustie Close.
Clarence Road.
Clinton Way.
Dornoch Close.
Ebrington Close
Forest Pines Lane.
Gleneagles Drive.
Gorse Close.
Grove Court.
Grove Drive.
Heather Close.
Hoylake Drive.
Hunston Road.
Kenmore Drive.
King Edward Avenue.
King Edward Crescent.
King George Avenue.
Kirkstead Court.
Lansdown Way.
Manor Road
Melrose Close.
Moor Park Drive.
Muirfield Way.
Oak Close.
Park Close.
Petwood Oaks.
Spa Road.
St Andrew’s Walk.
St George’s Drive.
St Leonard’s Close.
St Peter’s Drive.
St. Andrews Walk.
St. Leonards Close.
Sterling Place.
Sunningdale Close.
The Close.
Tor-O-Moor Gardens.
Troon Close.
Woburn Grove.
Woodbridge Way.

Please note that the ‘road closures’ listed above do not automatically impose parking. The only roads where this restriction applies are listed below.

No Stopping / No Waiting Roads

Parking on the following roads will not be permitted at any time during the restricted hours (9am-6pm on both days), including blue badge holders.  These restrictions also apply to residents and passes do not authorise residents to park on any of the following roads during the restricted hours. (Traffic Enforcement Officers will be operating across the area and will issue fines to any vehicles they find parked in any of the restricted areas on the designated times throughout the Festival).  A tow vehicle will be on hand to remove any vehicles causing a serious obstruction. 

  • Green Lane (both sides) – Mill Lane to Stixwould Road.
  • Stixwould Road (both sides) – Glenn Lodge Road to Tattershall Road.
  • The Broadway (both sides) – Iddesleigh Road to Horncastle Road.
  • Stanhope Avenue (both sides) – Iddesleigh Road to Victoria Avenue.
  • Horncastle Road (both sides) – The Broadway to Bainland Country Park.
  • Victoria Avenue (both sides) – Stanhope Avenue to Tattershall Road.
  • Iddesleigh Road (both sides) – The Broadway to Stanhope Avenue (including the road outside numbers 1-3 on Sylvan Avenue).
  • TattershallRoad (both sides) – Stixwould Road to junction of Abbey Lane.
  • Witham Road (north side) – Wentworth Way to Tattershall Road.
  • Witham Road (south side) – Kirkstead Bridge to Tattershall Road.
  • Spa Road (both sides) – Station Road to King George Avenue.
  • King George Avenue (both sides) – Spa Road to Coronation Road.
  • Monument Road (both sides) – Stixwould Road to Glen Lodge Road.
  • Kirkby Lane) – Horncastle road to a point between the bends and Ostlers Plantation.

If you are a resident on a road with parking restrictions and you do not have any off-road parking and require somewhere to park your vehicle during the restricted hours, please contact us (*) and we will arrange for you to park your vehicle free of charge in our designated car park on Green Lane.

One Way Systems

  • Mill Lane – Witham Road to Green Lane.
  • Green Lane – Mill Lane to Stixwould Road.
  • Monument Road – Stixwould Road to Glenn Lodge Road.
  • Glenn Lodge Road – Stixwould Road to Monument Road.

As I mentioned above, these restrictions are essential to keep us all safe and reduce congestion within the Village during this very popular weekend.  I do however appreciate that these arrangements will cause inconvenience to some; with that in mind I want to express my sincere thanks to you all for your valued cooperation and continuing support, which is so essential to ensuring that the Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival is such a success, especially after two years off due to Covid restrictions, and continues to benefit the Village as whole in so many ways. I do hope therefore that on the weekend of 8th and 9th July you will be able to enjoy the various attractions and activities at this year’s Festival.

Yours faithfully,

Andy Hunter


Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival * If you require more than the two supplied passes, please let us know at:

by Monday 3rd July 2023