Festival Park & Ride + Online Booking System

For 2017 we have made significant improvements to our car parking arrangements to better cope with the expected influx of visitors to the Village over the weekend. This year there are 5 designated Festival car parks.

To ensure that congestion and disruption in the Village is minimised there will be no visitor parking allowed in the centre of the Village and extensive ‘no parking/no waiting’ restrictions will be imposed and monitored by Lincolnshire County Council Traffic Enforcement Officers.

It is therefore essential that all visitors follow the Event signage and use the official car park which is closest to their route into the Village.

With the exception of the Disabled Car Park (which is located very close the centre of the Village) Park and Ride services will operate from each of the car parks. The coaches will commence their service at 9am and run on a continual basis to and from the Village throughout both days of the Festival.

Please note that the last coach returning to all car parks will leave the Village at 5.45pm on both days. All car parks will be closed on both days at 7pm.
All car parks are open between 8am and 7pm on both days of the Festival.

The cost for all our car parks (which includes a park and ride service (Car Parks A-D)) is just £5 per vehicle for the whole day.

For the first time this year we are also introducing for your convenience an on-line car park pre-payment/booking system; using this facility (which can be accessed via the website link below) will guarantee you a car parking space (located close the respective car park entrance) on the Festival day of your choice. Full Post Code and Latitude/Longitude will be shown once you have selected a car park and are also printed on your ticket.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all and to help secure the continued support of the residents of Woodhall Spa for future Festivals, we are most grateful to our visitors for their cooperation and compliance with this car parking policy.
We hope you all have a fantastic 1940s Festival weekend.

[Disclaimer: The Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival does not accept any responsibility for cars that are parked in any of the designated car parks; all cars are parked at the owner’s risk.]


44 thoughts on “Festival Park & Ride + Online Booking System”

  1. I am takeing my son who is disabled so I would like to book a space in the disable car park if that’s possible

      1. I haven’t received a confirmation my details are listed when I access my account minus car registration details. If I show that to the car park attendants would that suffice??

  2. Hi i am having to use a hire car, due to my vehicle undergoing repairs, how do i go about booking a parking space? i am unable to provide a vehicle registration for the hire car

  3. booled car park space, got Pay pal reciept ,however no email confirmation with details on ,i have checked my junk mail too

  4. As visitors have STILL not confirmed their travel arrangements (!) would one still be able to head for a car park without a booking, and pay on entry ? Should I end up as “billy no mates’ would that still apply if I travel solo? Regards

  5. booked parking and filled in make model and registration number as requested
    Confirmation email from you with no E ticket which you replied the email is the E ticket, which looked nothing like the webpage E ticket.
    Email contained no details of make model reg number etc, so why did you need details
    if not on ticket. Guess we will have to queue as parking attendants will check off details against lists they have, rather than having all details on ticket sorry email.

      1. we will be approaching Woodhall from the West (B1191 from Lincoln direction) and have a reserved parking space in car park A. see there are two car parks in green lane, if we arrive late morning on Saturday is my reserved space in A1 or A2

      2. I have paid for a reserved space in car park A. Will this be in car park A1 even if the rest of the car park is full of cars who have not booked and just arrived on the day and the overflow car park A2 is being used for non booked cars?

  6. I would like to book a park and ride car parking space but am on holiday and haven’t got access to a printer. Could i show the ticket on my phone? xx

  7. Hello I’ve booked for the disabled.for both Saturday and Sunday but we are now coming in a different car to the one on the booking form do I need to do anything ?

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