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Traffic Management Update


With just a week to go before the festival, we really need to make sure everyone is aware of the traffic and parking measures that will be in force over the weekend.

Posters are up all around the village and the local papers are featuring info, but please share this post so locals and visitors alike know about the various road closures and diversions which will be in place to keep things running smoothly.

• The main car parks will be on Green Lane, Glen Lodge Road, Horncastle Road and Lodge Road. 
• Blue Badge Parking will be at St Hugh’s School
• Traffic wardens will be patrolling throughout the festival weekend.
• Station Road and part of The Broadway will be closed to traffic between 9am and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, from the mini-roundabout to the Iddesleigh Road junction.

• No waiting/no loading along Tattershall Road between the mini-roundabout up to Abbey Lodge.
• No waiting/no loading restrictions along both sides of Witham Road from the mini-roundabout to Alexandra Road, and the south side of Witham Road only from Alexandra Road to Kirkstead Bridge.
• No waiting/no loading along Stixwould Road between the mini-roundabout up to the Village Limits. 
• No waiting/no loading along all of Green Lane, which will become one way only between 9am and 6pm. No U Turns permitted on Mill Lane.
• No waiting/no loading along Monument Road (between Stixwould Road and Sandy Lane), which will also be one way between 9am and 6pm. There will be a one way diversion between Glen Lodge Road and Stixwould Road.
• No waiting/no loading on the Broadway from Iddesleigh Road to just past the Golf Hotel
• A one-way system on Green Lane in the direction of Mill Lane to Stixwould Road
• The bus stop on Broadway outside The Inn will move to Tattershall Road.