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Festival Grants Scheme

Grants from the Festival to local good causes


The Woodhall Spa 40s Festival donates surplus funds that it generates to local Woodhall Spa good causes through its Festival Grants Scheme.

Like to apply for a grant?

Download the application form here:

Grant Application Form

Once completed email your application form to:

The Grant Scheme policy is as follows:

1. When setting the budget each year the Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival will decide how much it wishes to set aside to use for grants. These funds will then be delegated on an annual basis to a Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival Sub-Committee (the 1940s Festival Grants Committee) whose aim will be to provide financial support through this grant scheme to worthy local individuals, organisations, and causes. In supporting these good causes, the 1940s Festival Grants Committee will place an emphasis on granting a larger number of small donations (say £100 to £200) rather than fewer larger donations.

2. The definition of ‘local’ is: within the Woodhall Spa Parish boundary, or national organisations whose services offer a benefit to the residents of Woodhall Spa.

3. The definition of ‘worthy’ is subjective, but in considering grant applications, the Committee should give preference to:

• Organisations that have a written constitution stating their purpose;

• Individuals, organisations, or causes that operate on a not ‘for profit’ basis. The meaning of “not for profit” in this policy is that no member of the organisation benefits financially from the operation of the organisation.

• Local good causes that benefit the Woodhall community.

4. All requests for a grant must be made via the form on the 1940s Festival website.
The application should provide clear details of what the proposed funding will be used for itemising, where applicable, services to be provided or equipment to be purchased along with costs such that the Committee can determine the exact proposed use of the applied for funds.

5. Grant applications must be submitted in advance of the funds being required. The Committee will consider grant applications three times a year at dates to be decided. This will be arranged on an annual basis, and at the first meeting of the year no more than 50% of the available funding will be allocated.

6. Successful applicants are required as part of any grant award to publicise the awarding of the grant from the Committee on their web sites, publicity material and media releases (including social media) where these exist.

Policy Updated: 4 November 2018