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Festival Entertainers No 24 – Horncastle Community Choir

We’re a big group of singers – of all ages and backgrounds – who sing together throughout the year. We sing a huge repertoire of songs, building confidence and community though learning and laughing together as we explore our voices and what we can do with them. We’re serious about great singing – but never let that get in the way of strengthening our individual and collective voices, making friends and a place where everyone can – and does – sing.

Our repertoire includes improvised choruses, songs old, new, borrowed and blue. Pop songs, folk songs, rounds, sacred works, world music and anything that we like gets sung throughout the year. Whether sacred, soulful, sea-strewn or just plain silly; we sing for the sheer joy of it all. No-one auditions, no-one is judged, no-one competes. Everyone is welcome, everyone is valued and everyone sings. We have singers coming from all over Lincolnshire to our regular rehearsals on Monday evenings.

We perform at events across Lincolnshire (and occasionally beyond) and support festivals, community events, charitable fundraising and good causes through performances. Most of the choir perform, although many people just sing in rehearsal, and that’s fine with us! Please get in touch if you’d like to talk about having the choir at your event.

Our director Liz McIntosh runs a number of singing groups and choirs with children and adults across Lincolnshire, and is passionate about ensuring singing is accessible to all and really good fun. See @singitloudlincs or visit for more information